March 17, 2018

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March 15, 2018 in metrowise101, repair101

5 ways to get better gas mileage

We’ve seen a lot of confusion on the net about cold weather and its impact on your gas mileage. We’re here to set the facts straight: Cold weather can reduce... Read More
March 7, 2018 in repair101

Is your car getting the right preventive maintenance?

You rely on your car everyday. For the rideshare drivers out there, your car is literally a source of income. You need it to run smoothly all the time. Make... Read More
February 28, 2018 in repair101

6 reasons to invest your tax return in your car’s maintenance

T ax season is almost like a second christmas, where the gift is (hopefully) cash back in your pocket. Before you go buy an iPhone X, earmark a small portion... Read More
December 2, 2017 in repair101

5 tips on getting your rideshare car to 200,000 miles

Even the all-powerful Pointing has no control about the blind texts it is an almost

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