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Let Metrowise pay for your maintenance.
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What is Metrowise?

We are technology

We are a technology platform that pays for your cars maintenance by connecting to your owners manual.

We help you save money

We provide you with over $1,400 of services for $69/month by using technology to reduce costs.

We are your maintenance reminder

We tell you what maintenance your car needs and when so you can finally remove that sticker from your windshield!

Complete Car Care



Metrowise covers all of the required car maintenance that’s in your car’s owners manual. We use the fluid and part replacements that’s recommended by your car’s manufacturer, including:

Complete brake service & replacement
Filter replacement & cleaning services
Battery care & fluid replacement services
Vehicle inspections
and more!

Learn more about what's covered

Get a Metrowise Digital ID

Your Digital ID includes brake service, fluid and filter replacements, battery care and everything to keep your car on the road.

All digital, all the time

We connect to your car's owners manual to make sure you receive all of the required maintenance using the same high quality parts.

Low-cost & reliable

Goto a nearby Metrowise mechanic and show them your Digital ID. They’ll perform the service and you pay nothing out of pocket.

You get Paid

Metrowise takes a flat fee to protect your car.  If you decide not to use a service, we refund the maintenance costs directly back to you.

This means:

You get great car maintenance, while making sure any unused services are paid directly back to you.
There’s no conflict of interest between you and us, because we always earn our flat fee.
We’re here to help drivers keep more of what they earn.