Drive for uber or lyft?

Get your car maintenance & repairs covered for $49/month.

Signing up takes 60 seconds.

Rideshare drivers spend more on car repairs & maintenance than regular drivers.

Your car makes you money and having it in the shop is or paying out pocket for maintenance is not an option. If you drive for lyft or uber, we’ll pay for your repairs. No complicated annual contracts, reimbursements, cancellation & hidden fees, or complex & outdated forms.  Goto a Metrowise Mechanic, show him your Digital ID, and consider the repair done. Just make sure you keep your wallet in your pocket, you won’t need it.

It just makes sense.

Have a repair? Put your wallet away and take out your phone.  Show the repair shop your Metrowise Digital ID and drive happy. You pay nothing out of pocket and feel great. No reimbursements, complex contracts, weird pre-existing exclusions, deductibles, telemarketers or old school forms.  We’re 100% digital and that helps you save money. Preventive maintenance and unexpected repairs included.


Get a Metrowise Digital ID

Create an account on the Metrowise platform. Signing up takes < 60 seconds and it's all digital through your phone.

Any repair, any time

When it's repair or maintenance time, login to the platform and send your car to a nearby Metrowise certified repair shop.

Low-cost & reliable

When it comes time to pay, put away your wallet and take out your phone. Show the mechanic your Metrowise Digital ID and drive away. Your cash is safe & you feel like a champ!


Metrowise was created for uber and lyft drivers. You spend over $1,000 a year out of pocket just to keep your car on the road. Metrowise takes care of this problem by providing blanket coverage on maintenance and repairs. Unexpected emergencies? Covered. Oil changes, tune-ups and brakes? Also covered.

Let Metrowise pay for your car repairs